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Hi, I’m Cari. I’m a copywriter. But that hasn’t always been the case. In fact, my journey began long ago with the flute. Yep, the flute. Here’s how it went down:


As a young girl from Southern California, I had a dream to become a concert flautist. So I moved to Utah to pursue a music degree at BYU. Worldwide fame and fortune were at my fingertips. Nothing could stand in my way! Then after a year at BYU, a little rejection letter from the music program dashed all my dreams.


After some soul searching and aptitude tests that informed me I should be a musician, I decided to give advertising a try. The first day of my advertising prerequisites, I was in love and never looked back to my days of music nerdery (except for that time I minored in music).

I jumped into the advertising management track and somehow finagled my way into a New York internship at the largest media buying agency in the world. I spent the summer of 2008 at MindShare learning the ropes of media buying and planning. That’s where I discovered I didn’t want to buy or plan media.


While living in New York, I started my blog to keep my family in California and Utah in the know about my New York adventures. To my surprise, I loved writing. Why had I ignored all my teachers who encouraged me to pursue writing?

From then on, I was on the hunt for a poor employer to unwittingly hire me as a copywriter. While on the hunt, I started doing some buzz marketing and blogging for Buzz.io. This was my first exposure to online advertising after living in the traditional world. The marketing education I received at Buzz.io was just as advantageous to my career as my fancy book learning.


Finally, the day came in 2010 when I tricked a company into hiring me as a for-reals copywriter. For the next two years, I worked as a writer for One On One, an online marketing company specializing in online education. I wrote landing pages, website content, blog content, email, display ads, and paid search ads like nobody’s business.

Somewhere along the way, I met this cool guy Doug. We got married at the beginning of 2012. Two days after our honeymoon, I was laid off from One On One.

After a month of doing crafts and watching a lot of Ellen, I was lucky enough to get a job with Mom It Forward, a small agency that pairs brands with mom bloggers. I spent the next year as editorial manager/writer/SEO specialist/social media manager/research specialist/do-whatever-is-needed specialist. Even though I worked with great people and was learning a ton, I still had the copywriting bug.

Then OrangeSoda came into my life with talk of copywriting bliss and I jumped on the opportunity. And here I sit, tickling the … ivories? The plastics? Whatever. I’m writing and life is good.

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